Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in your healing journey?

Are you ready to get to the root cause of your illness, rather than treating the symptoms?

Do you want to be strong enough to live your life?

If yes, this is for you.

The 5 step method to healing your body and mind


Find the root cause

Finding the cause of your symptoms is the key to resolve them once and for all. We will be able to find out what is causing your symptoms by using questionnaires and laboratory evaluation. 


Nourish the body

Treating the deficiencies that your illness has caused is not a cure but might be a prerequisite to your healing. Without the right nutrients your body might not be able to tolerate a treatment at all or you feel lousy until the root cause of your illness has been fully addressed. Which in some cases can take up to several months.


Drain and support the organs

Supporting the elimination organs is crucial for any treatment where toxicants and pathogens that produce toxins are involved. This means the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system and the Gut. These all need to work otherwise you are just pumping these toxins around in you body making you more sick then you already were.

Good Digestion, Better Sleep, More energy, Great Mood, balanced Hormones, Clear Mind.


Treat the root cause

In my clinical experience the most common causes for chronic illness are inflammation from toxicants and pathogens. Lyme and co-infections, Mold and mycotoxins and heavy metal toxicity are the things that can burden the body the most and need to be addressed in order for you to get your health back. 


Retrain the Brain

Adverse Life events are responsible for the constant firing of the limbic system, the fear center of the brain. This ancient system is there to keep the body save but can when this part of the brain is active over an extended period of time it can keep us in a Flight, Fight and Freeze loop. This is a major stressor and can prevent you from fully recovering. That’s why retraining this part of the brain and nervous system is crucial in almost all chronic illness.